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+48 695 422 425 office@mobileshipyard.com

Our Company was established in order to help the Owners with shiprepair worldwide.

The main activity of group of our companies is general ship repair.

In 2007 the group of companies started developing in the direction of an idea called “Mobile Shipyard”. The idea is to offer the Shipowners performing repairs on board during sea voyage, during cargo operation, performing complete repair or intermediate class survey by rented berth worldwide and the dockings in Poland, Russia, Greece, Singapur and Turkey. Although there are similar services offered by different companies our  idea is really unique. We can offer shipyard’s range of services in any world’s port very professionally and with competitive prices comparing to local companies.

And what we think is the most important we always work in favor of Shipowner finding the easiest and the best technical solutions with very good ratio quality to price.

Having already some block agreements we become very familiar with the vessels so  we are able to support Superintendents in taking care of technical side (including delivery of materials) of any repair.

We strongly believe that our idea of Mobile Shipyard will enable saving at least 20% of current repair costs and taking out some work load from Superintendents.